Critical Writing Index

(Brief) Programme Notes

by Ger Zielinski

Dragged out...a studied glance at current radical drag, 1999, p. 2

home-style, 1999

Dragged out... seeks out those works that stretch or break with our recieved notion of crossdressing, be they radical, meta, experimental, transgressive, terrorist...How do artists through their work use, subvert and challenge the conventions and presuppositions of popular crossdressing to new or other ends?

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

guiseWrik Mead

No SunshineBjoern Melhus

Blue Moon

CowboyPierre-Yves Clouin

Diana, Texas

SasquatchStephan St. Laurent

The White to be AngryVaginal Davis

School FagRichard Fung and Tim McCaskell

Confirmed BachelorTom Kalin

CarmeloChristoph Oertli

Erotic ExoticAtif Siddiqi

la differenceRita Kung

TransmissionIvan E. Coyote

The DraglinquentCharles Atlas