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An Interview with Barbara Buckner

by Martina Sturken

Afterimage, May Spring 1985, v. 12, no. 10, pp. 6-9

An interview with Barbara Buckner. Her work tries to produce video as a self generating entity with as little human intervention as possible. Buckner is also interested in video that works on television, not simply "Video for television." Article contains large videography for the artist.

ITEM 1985.047 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

GeographyBarbara Buckner

SpectreBarbara Buckner

HeadsBarbara Buckner

Pictures of the LostBarbara Buckner

AnalogsBarbara Buckner

MillenniaBarbara Buckner

A tableBarbara Buckner

AxisBarbara Buckner

tongue line/blood linearBarbara Buckner

Starfish/ mouth at the River NileBarbara Buckner

BulkBarbara Buckner

Breast war/erectBarbara Buckner

PillarBarbara Buckner

SapatiBarbara Buckner

ScorpionBarbara Buckner

CenturyBarbara Buckner

MoebiusBarbara Buckner

Red OdeBarbara Buckner

Arc AnthemBarbara Buckner

Maint-of-wayBarbara Buckner

Song of eye-shiftBarbara Buckner

ChinaBarbara Buckner

LuneBarbara Buckner

The Infant BirchBarbara Buckner

Tectonic PortraitBarbara Buckner

From SleepBarbara Buckner

Fig's LayBarbara Buckner

Gentle DoorBarbara Buckner

Duo SangueBarbara Buckner

BlindnessBarbara Buckner

Ring PsalterBarbara Buckner

O RockBarbara Buckner

BreathBarbara Buckner

TractBarbara Buckner

Episode of CantBarbara Buckner

TrilogyBarbara Buckner

Love's PortraitBarbara Buckner

Fell FireBarbara Buckner

Act of NumenBarbara Buckner

Fire of EarthBarbara Buckner

View from ChristabelBarbara Buckner

RoseBarbara Buckner

MeseBarbara Buckner

WatersBarbara Buckner

The BlueBarbara Buckner

Gathering InBarbara Buckner

MassBarbara Buckner

GraceBarbara Buckner

BodyBarbara Buckner

NightBarbara Buckner

LambBarbara Buckner

LandscapeBarbara Buckner

HoursBarbara Buckner

The MenBarbara Buckner

Image of the KingdomBarbara Buckner

DominionBarbara Buckner

Astral LoveBarbara Buckner

Blue houseBarbara Buckner

UntitledBarbara Buckner

UntitledBarbara Buckner