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Video Installation 1983: November 5-December 2

by Shelley Rice

Afterimage, Summer 1984, v. 12, no. 1 & 2

Rice describes the unique niche, potential, and diversity that video installation work holds within the artworld, while explaining its development alongside the practice of video art, stating that "the complexity of the video installation medium makes it eminently well-suited for exploring contemporary issues in a multi-faceted way unavailable to traditional art media." She uses the Video Installation 1983 catalogue as the basis of her argument.

ITEM 1984.053 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

exercycleMargia Kramer

Progress (Memory)Margia Kramer

Zen for TVNam June Paik

Knowing with TelevisionTony Conrad

A Jury of One's PeersTerry Berkowitz

Double You (X, Y, Z.)Peter D'Agostino

Belief Sandwich Relief GauntletBill Stephens

Government Approved Home Fallout Shelter Snack BarMichael Smith

In the Sahdow of the CityJudith Barry

From the CenterEugenia Balcells

To Divine the Center of a Distant MemoryRita Meyers

Black Holes/Heavenly BodiesNora Ligorano

Black Holes/Heavenly BodiesMarshall Reese

AnalogsBarbara Buckner

ShiftsRichard Bloes

It's Time toTurn the Record OverGary Hill