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Video to salvage TV Wasteland

by John Bentley Mays

The Globe and Mail, Sept. 10, 1982

This article discusses the programming and the tapes that will air at the Festival of Festivals Video Video. The article speaks with the programmer of the video portion of the festival, Marien Lewis, on how video art is percieved and recieved. According to the article, Ms. Lewis is trying to program the festival so that it "calms the hostile, convert the skeptical" and turns them on to video artwork.

ITEM 1982.040 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

TonguesShirely Clarke

The looking glassJuan Downey

American MaleJohn Arvanites

Sink or SwimPaulette Phillips and Geoffrey Shea

Meta Mayan IIEdin Velez

Hatsu YumeBill Viola

Industrial TrackJohn Watt

Herbivores, carnivoresTomiyo Sasaki

How many fingers.Andy Patterson

Beneath the skinCecila Condit

Mass MemorySusan Briton

Through the holesLiz Vanderzaag

Leaving the twentieth centuryMax Almy

The LonerTony Oursler

Gary CowveinBranda Miller and Jeff Isaak

La BonneBarbara Steinman

Perceptual DefenceChrista Schadt