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by Johannes Lothar Schroder

High Performance, Winter 1989, no. 48, p. 77

A short summary and review of the exhibition Video-Sculpture, retrospective and current, 1963-1989 . The article mentions each work briefly, and does not focus on many details.

ITEM 1989.079 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

TV-ZenNam June Paik

TV-MirrorWolfgang Paalen

Wipe CycleIra Schneider

IrisLes Levine

Present Continues Past(s)Dan Graham

He Weeps for YouBill Viola

Live Taped Video CorridorBruce Nauman

Heuschrecken (Grasshoppers)Wolf Vostell

Will-'O'-The-WispDara Birnbaum

Three MountainsAlexander Hahn

Three MountainsKubota

VictoriaMarie Jo Lafontaine

Rock GardenDalibor Martinis

The Board RoomAntonio Muntadas

The Allure of the ConcentricRita Myers

Der Elefant im PorzellanladenMarcel Odenbach

Spillchamber 2Tony Oursler

RealitiesAl Robbins

Narrative LandscapeJeffrey Shaw

A Civilization Without SecretsLydia Shouten

Three Angles of Coordination for Monitoring the Labyrinthian SpaceBuky Schwartz

CenotapheBarbara Steinman

Il NuotatoreStudio Azzurro

Between Sound & Sound 2Keigo Yamamoto

4 prezeptive SkizzenRemy Zaugg

Continental Video Series II, III, IVAbramovic/Ulay

Moscow TV-Channel 1Klaus vom Bruch

Erratic BlockIngo Gunther

Materia PrimaFabrizio Plessi

Forma Lucis VIRoos Theuws

VV-W or V-yramidNam June Paik

Narrative LandscapeJeffrey Shaw

Or-pheliaUlrike Rosenbach

CruxGary Hill

The Board RoomMuntadas