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A Screening Room of One's Own: Dec Opens New Theatre

by Gillian Morton

Fuse, Nov. 1988, v. 12, no. 3, p. 8

This article is announcing the building of a new theatre in Toronto geared towards independent film and video; The Euclid. Since the closing of The Funnel experimental film theatre, Toronto had not had many options for experimental film and video screenings. "There is no independent film coming to a theatre near you because there is no theatre near you"(Ron Mann). The Euclid project was seen as a way to open up video and independant film to a wider audience, and bring the community together. The article provides readers with contact information in order to donate to the project, which at print time was still seeking an extra $120,000 in funds.

ITEM 1988.076 – available for viewing in the Research Centre