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Video Dance: Sketches on Process & Structure

by Katrina McPherson

Coil, 1998, no. 6

Collaboration between dance and the moving image (whether film or video) introduces a whole new spectrum of creative opportunities and whatever the context, whether single or multi-screen, there are certain elements that remain central. The sketches shown in the article offer a look at some of the basic elements of making video dance, based on McPherson's approach.

McPherson has worked with many different artists, dancers, and choreographers for her pieces which explore the different possibilities of video and film as the "frame" for the dancing figure (its subject matter and the content to fill this frame). She then continues to explain the highlights of each of her projects.

ITEM 1998.078 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

These Three RoomsKatrina McPherson

Mur MurKatrina McPherson

Day Naught (1993)Katrina McPherson

Katrina McPherson

Pace (1995)Katrina McPherson

Picture Show (1997)Katrina McPherson

Fragment II (1991)