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Canada (cont.)

by Unknown

Video 84, 1984, pp. 21-29

A programme list of Canadian video artists who participated in the first International Video Conferences of Montreal. Includes a Summary, Biography, and videography of the artists and their videos; David Askevold; Luc Bourdon; Marc Paradis; Hank Bull; Colin Campbell; Elizabeth Chitty; Daniel Dion; Lorraine Dufour; Robert Morin; Francoise Dugre et Johanne Fournier; Bernar Hebert; Nora Hutchison; Richard Jutras,;Robert Faulkner; Lucien Rainone; Gerry Kisil; Eric Metcalfe; Mowbray/Hummers (Hummer-TV and Videocabaret); Ian Murray; Jane Northey; Anne Ramsden; Randy and Berenicci; Lisa Steele; Stokely Seip; Elizabeth Vander Zaag; Rodney Werden; Corry Wyngaarden.

ITEM 1984.092 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

RheaDavid Askevold

Scheme VideoLuc Bourdon

Scheme VideoMarc Paradis

C'est la videoHank Bull

White MoneColin Campbell

TV Love (A made for tv love story)Elizabeth Chitty

L'Homme de PekingDaniel Dion

A Post Card From VictoriaLorraine Dufour

A Post Card From VictoriaRobert Morin

C'est une bonne journeeFrancoise Dugre

C'est une bonne journeeJohanne Fournier

Le Chien de Luis et SalvadorBernar Hebert

The DriverNora Hutchison

Biscuit sodaRichard Jutras

Biscuit sodaRobert Faulkner

Biscuit sodaLucien Rainone

Dating and mate selectionGerry Kisil

Sax IslandEric Metcalfe

Sax IslandHank Bull

Hormone WarzoneMowbray/Hummers (HummerTV and Videocabaret)

Come on touch it (Study #4 for personality inventory channel)Ian Murrray

Casting OffJane Northey

New FreedomAnne Ramsden

Once upon a timeRandy and Berenicci

Some call it bad luckLisa Steele

Snuff FlickStokely Seip

Baby EyesElizabeth Vander Zaag

Blue MoonRodney Werden

Starling Man!Corry Wyngaarden