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Time Passes: A Review of Nelson Henricks' Video Work: 1986-1999

by Alethea Lahofer

Poolside, Fall 1999, pp. 17-21

An overview of Nelson Henrick's video work. Henrick focuses on imagery but it's often mundane and simple imagery and he incorporates prose and text into most of his work.

ITEM 1999.059 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Stupid VideoNelson Henrick

The White Studio TapesNelson Henrick

LegendNelson Henrick

Murderer's SongNelson Henrick

Conspiracy of LiesNelson Henrick

CrushNelson Henrick

TrilogyNelson Henrick

FenetreNelson Henrick

HandymanNelson Henrick

Time PassesNelson Henrick