Critical Writing Index


by Marita Sturken

Video 84, Sept. 1984, pp. 62-66

A list of videos submitted by video artist, from the United States, to the International Video Conferences in Montreal. Each video entry includes a summary, biography, and videography.

ITEM 1984.105 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Double You (X,Y,Z)Peter d'Agostino

"Social Studies" Part 1Lyn Blumenthal

Radiation TherapyConnie Coleman

Radiation TherapyAlan Powell

Possibly in MichiganCecilia Condit

Information WithheldJuan Downey

Songs of the EightiesDoug Hall

HappenstanceGary Hill

White FoodStephen Laub

SpinoutTony Oursler

Go For It MikeMichael Smith

FloaterJane Veeder

OntogenesisJanice Tanaka

AnthemBill Viola