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Chris Ofili

by Donna De Salvo

Artforum, Oct. 2004, v. 43, no. 2, p. 58

This very brief article is a direct quote from artist Chris Ofili. The artist discusses his approach as an artist which is "to go with the flow." He talks about his "cut-and-paste" attitude and the influence of Hip-Hop on his work. Ofili draws a personal parallel between Hip-Hop and Pop art and widens the definition of Pop Art by including artists such as David Hammons, Jean-Michel Basquiat and William Blake. For him, Pop Art is political in its attempt to be both of the self and the world, as in hip-hop. British-born Nigerian artist Ofili is most famous for his use of elephant dung on the canvas and ornate, intricate African patterning. The video documentary "The Eye - Chris Ofili" features film footage of his work. Shot in London, Germany and Venice, this film relates the creation of 'within reach' - his artwork for the Venice Biennale, as well as his installation of 13 canvases, 'The Upper Room'.

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