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At play in the palace: the Palais de Tokyo, France's brash new antimuseum for the 21st century, presents the art of today—and tomorrow—as a continuous, ever-mutating event - Report from Paris

by Sarah S. King

Art in America, June 2002, v. 90, no. 6, pp. 122-123

The article discusses France's new "antimuseum" the Palais de Tokyo which opened in January 2002. It is Paris's new "site for contemporary creation" and opened in response to France's diminished presence on the international scene. The center is not dedicated to any single artist or theme but is modeled on New York's P.S. 1 and will feature emerging, unknown artists. The Palais de Tokyo is described as "a public space in perpetual motion, an institution that is being constantly reactivated." The centre frequently features work by emerging video artists experimenting with new digital media.

ITEM 2002.161 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Pierre Ardouvin

Franck David

Kendell Geers

Laurent Moriceau

Wolfgang Tillmans

Anne Lacaton

Jean-Philippe Vassal

Wang Du

Meschac Gaba

Virginie Barre

Subodh Gupta

Mathew Ritchie

Gunilla Klingberg

Navin Rawanchaikul

Kay Hassan

Hsia Fei Chang

Michael Lin

Jun'ya Yamaide