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Surveying The Scene: Excerpts from The D.I.Y. Distro Resource Guide

by Tara Mateik

FELIX VOYEURISM, 1999, pp. 302-319

New York: The Standby Pogramm, Inc, 1999

The article explores and introduces twelve D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) video distribution projects in North America- we pattern ourselves in response to this worlds consumer passivity.Whether it be geographics, gender or ethnicity, or topics like masturbation and train-hopping, what brings people together and whats of primary concern is not only a dedication to transform and redefine the systems that already exist, but to create the ones that are not there!

ITEM 1999.064 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Girl PowerSadie Benning

Femme FlickeTina Spangler