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Walking the Walk: The Artist As Flâneur

by James Trainor

Border Crossings, Nov. Fall 2003, v. 22, no. 88, pp. 82-92

James Trainor discusses inspired works and definitions based on the basic art of walking. The label "flâneur" is originally based on Walter Benjamin's concept of observation of pedestrians in the city and how that person is in control of his/her individuality.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Man of the CrowdEdgar Allen Poe

Re-enactment,2001Francis Alÿs

The Collector,1991-1992Francis Alÿs

Magnetic Shoes,1994Francis Alÿs

Wanderlust: A History of Walking,2000Rebecca Solnit

Proximity Piece,1970Vito Acconti

Streetwalking in the Metropolis: Women, the City and Modernity,2000Deborah Parsons

Following Piece,1969Vito Acconti

The Leak,1995Francis Alÿs

This Way Brouwn,1961Stanley Brouwn

Duration Pieces, early 1970'sDouglas Huebler

Upward Mobility,2002Alex Villar

Discours sur les passions de l'amour,1957Guy Debord

Street Haunting: A London AdventureVirginia Woolf

Rape,1969Yoko Ono

Suite Venitienne,1980Sophie Calle

The Shadow (Detective),1981Sophie Calle

Nadja, 1928Andre Breton

Last Nights of Paris,1929Philippe Soupault

Catalysis I-IV,1970Adrian Piper

Out of Order, Out of Sight: Selected Writings in Meta-Art 1968-1992Adrian Piper

A Needle Woman,1999-2000Kimsooja

Tomkins Square Crawl,1991Wiliam Pope.L

The Great White Way,2001-ongoingWiliam Pope.L

Walter Benjamin

Charles Baudelaire