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Yael Bartana: Kunstverein

by Nina Montmann

Artforum, Oct. 2006, v. 45, no. 2, p. 278

Review on Yael Bartana’s video works including Wild Seeds in 2005, a two side projection video in which one side contradicts and transforms into the other.

ITEM 2006.084 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Wild Seed (2005)Yael Bartana

Profile (2000)Yael Bartana

You Could Be Lucky (2004)Yael Bartana

De'Lo Yoda (Until He Didn't Know) (2003)Yael Bartana

When Adar Enters (2003)Yael Bartana

Odds and Ends (2005)Yael Bartana