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Wholly Human Holman: Desiree Holman's Effigy series promotes self-reflection

by Stephanie Rogerson

Now, Nov. 30, 2006, v. 26, no. 13, p. 85

A brief revue of video artist Desiree Holman's Effigy video series at YYZ. Effigy explores our need to connect with each other, human emotion, and behavior. Holman plays with the thin line between the real and the imagined. Art as Therapy positions a family of life-size dolls within a cognitive-behavioural therapy session. Troglodyte employes human players in full chimpanzee-like suits to explore violence and tenderness.

ITEM 2006.045 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Art as TherapyDesiree Holman

TroglodyteDesiree Holman