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Althea Thauberger: Experimentalism is Dead. Long Live the Internet.

by Emily Vey Duke

C Magazine, Fall 2006, no. 91, pp. 24-27

Like the internet, Althea Thauberger's work speaks a language separate from the obsolete experimental dialect of the avant-garde. Thauberger provides the means of production and access to an audience. Those who use Thauberger's work are able to run with the format, taking from it what they want according to their own needs. Useful to both "the art initiated and non-art initiated", Thauberger challenges the non-art audience with a merger of sophisticated and conventional tropes and allows the art audience to empathize with the painfully sincere performers. The work remains highly accessible and challenging to a wide variety of audiences.

ITEM 2006.044 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Murphy Canyon ChoirAlthea Thauberger

A Memory Lasts ForeverAlthea Thauberger

SongstressAlthea Thauberger