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Vtape: FAQ & info

by Lissa Gibbs

The Independent, July 1999, pp. 39-41

"V Tape is an information and distribution system for media works by artists and independents. We are strongly committed to the medium of video and media artworks - to their cataloguing, their exhibition, their distribution, their preservation, and their future...we operate on the model of a visual artist' agent; we bring artists - not just individual titles - into distribution."

This article provides an overview of the history, organizational structure, funding, and active artists at Vtape as of 1999. The article also contains answers to questions about the challenges of reaching new audiences. Moreover, the interviewer asks Kim Tomczak to speculate about what the future will hold for the organization.

ITEM 1999.039 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

HerrJohn Greyson

This is Your Messiah SpeakingVera Frenkel

UncutJohn Greyson

PostivMike Hoolbloom

Lonely BoySteve Reinke

Ulrike Rosenbach

Mona Hatoum

Richard Fung

Robert Kinney

Donald Kinney

Colin Campbell

Nelson Henricks

Nicole Gingras

Andrea Fatona

Leah Visser