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On A Trumped-Up Charge: Two Video-Films

by Nancy Shaw

Vanguard, Summer 1989, v. 18, no. 3, pp. 20-25

This article examines the feature length works of video artists Stuart Marshall and John Greyson, which in order to produce, both artists had to devise ways around certain limitations, and in doing so, created hybrids by mixing the strategies of video and film.

Shaw discusses the first feature-length films of video artists Stuart Marshall and John Greyson. Marshall's work "Desire:Sexuality in Germany 1910-1945" is reviewed as documentary that becomes complicated and conflicting in its analysis persecution of gays and lesbians in Germany. Shaw comments that Marshall presents many layers of testimony and arguments allowing the viewer to engage in many points of view. Greyson's work "Urinal" discusses washroom sex. Combining documentary information with fictional devices, Greyson presents different positions for and against washroom sex. Shaw states that Greyson's technique becomes overwhelming and excessive.

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Desire: Sexuality in Germany 1910-45Stuart Marshall

Bright EyesStuart Marshall

UrinalJohn Greyson

Jungle BoyJohn Greyson

Moscow Does Not Believe in QueersJohn Greyson

You Taste AmericanJohn Greyson

The Ads EpidemicJohn Greyson