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Javne Tajne (Public Secrets), 2006, pp. 5-247

Zagreb: Nakladnici Publishers, 2006

The book is a hybrid of monographic presentation and an artist book about Chroatian artist Dalibor Martinis.

ITEM 2006.117 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

TV-TimerDalibor Martinis

Still LifeDalibor Martinis

CageDalibor Martinis

In Case of DangerDalibor Martinis

Modul N&Z (O&G Module)Dalibor Martinis

TrianglesDalibor Martinis

CounterfeitsDalibor Martinis

Cosmic CounterfeitsDalibor Martinis

Open ReelDalibor Martinis

Video ImmunityDalibor Martinis

ManualDalibor Martinis

Art GuardDalibor Martinis

Artists on StrikeDalibor Martinis

Work for the Pumps GalleryDalibor Martinis

Artist at WorkDalibor Martinis

Weather in AmsterdamDalibor Martinis, Sanja Ivekovic

Made in PrisonDalibor Martinis, Sanja Ivekovic

Dutch MovesDalibor Martinis

ComaDalibor Martinis

Self-ExecutionDalibor Martinis

Light It UpDalibor Martinis

On His OwnDalibor Martinis

Walking TogetherDalibor Martinis

Cool KissDalibor Martinis

Parken VerbotenDalibor Martinis

Garden of the Most Vulgar CursesDalibor Martinis

I Am Adressing You Man to ManDalibor Martinis

Concept for a Declaration of a Prize-Winning ArtistDalibor Martinis

Video In/Video-OutDalibor Martinis

Jumbo Joke DiagramDalibor Martinis

TriptychDalibor Martinis

Sic TransitDalibor Martinis

Image is VirusDalibor Martinis

GoodbyehelloDalibor Martinis

New York-New YorkDalibor Martinis

ChanoyuDalibor Martinis, Sanja Ivekovic

Variable Risk LandscapeDalibor Martinis

No EndDalibor Martinis, Sanja Ivekovic

Black&WhiteDalibor Martinis, Sanja Ivekovic

The BrideDalibor Martinis, Sanja Ivekovic