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Janine Antoni - Reviews: Santa Fe

by Ellen Berkoviech

Artforum, Dec. 2002

Review of Janine Antoni's 22 piece exhibition, including a video commissioned by SITE Santa Fe. Famous for her show in New York where she gnawed a six-hundred pound block of chocolate, Antoni is often compared to artist Joseph Beuys.

ITEM 2002.166 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Touch 2002Janine Antoni

Lick & Lather Busts 1993Janine Antoni

Eureka 1993Janine Antoni

Tender Buttons 1994Janine Antoni

Wean 1990Janine Antoni

Morn and Dad 1994Janine Antoni

Momme 1995Janine Antoni

Coddle 1998Janine Antoni

2038, 2000Janine Antoni