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Galerie Der Stadt Stuttgart - Joan Jonas - Brief Article

by Noemi Smolik

Artforum, Sept. 2001, v. 40, no. 1, p. 203

A brief introduction into the history and work of artist Joan Jonas. After a thirty year career Joan is being rediscovered. The article questions why she was overlooked for so many years and the ambivalent nature of her engagement with themes such as femininity. As an artist Joan has crossed the lines between performance, film and video and uses masks, rituals and disguises as a central theme in her works.

ITEM 2001.106 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The Juniper Tree (1976)Joan Jonas

Mirror Check (1970)Joan Jonas

Organic Honey’s Vertical Roll (1972)Joan Jonas

Volcano Saga (1985-89)Joan Jonas