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by Miranda July

RISK/RIESGO, 2003, pp. 136-141

New York city: The Standby Program, Inc, 2003

This article by Miranda July touches on the collaborative works by artists Harrell Fletcher and Mindy Faber. July focuses on the videos created by Fletch and Faber that incorporate community collaborations, working with students, teachers, or community members. The questions asked by July are, when and how is their work determined to be Art and not social work or educational videos? And is it necessary to even acknowledge this divide? Fundamentally, July is posing the ultimate question, what is Art? Or what are the determining factors in categorizing one thing as Art and the other as not Art? July concludes on a particularly poignant idea stating that the separation between the "art world and the sphere of social services is a myth about ego."

ITEM 2003.081 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

DeliriumMindy Faber

Private WarsMindy Faber

Race is Race Ain't, Class is, Class Ain'tTom Golebiewski

Race is Race Ain't, Class is, Class Ain'tJerusalem Singleton

Race is Race Ain't, Class is, Class Ain'tMindy Faber

The Forbidden ZoneHarrell Fletcher

The Forbidden ZoneChris Johnansen

The Forbidden ZoneDavid Jarvey

More Love Hours Than Can Ever Ne RepaidMike Kelly

John Malpede

Jeremy Deller

Wendy Ewald