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Protest Against Censor: Two Canadian artists pull out of VideoFest

by Jonathan Gross

The Toronto Sun, Sept. 9, 1982, p. 92`

Short newspaper article explaining the rationale for a Canadian protest of the Ontario Censor board. Most noticably, artists Colin Campbell and Paul Wong refused to participate in the Festival of Festivals’ Video Video program. The article explores the protocol, purpose and influence of Canadian art censorship.

ITEM 1982.055 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Conundrum CliniqueColin Campbell

Prime CutsPaul Wong

FireDara Birnbaum

Wild ThingKit Fitzgerald

The Garys

John Lydon

Keith Levene

Martin Atkins

Dance HouseKen Lockie

Pete Jones


Jethro Tull

The Exploited

bad Brains

The Effigies

Youth Youth Youth


Elliot 'Expresso Bongo' Lefko

Maja bannerman

Fred Gaysek

John Hamilton

Sheckie Leckie

John MacLeod

Peter Noble

Live StillsPhil Kamin

The Rolling Stones

Peter Goddard

Rock GomorrahLester Bangs

Frankie Valli

Led Zeppelin in Their Own WordsLester Bangs

Marien Lewis