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by Daniel Cockburn

Point of View, 2004, no. 54, pp. 36-37

A review of three art events: the Images Festival 2004, Tranz Tech 2003 Toronto International Media Art Biennal, and Media City: 10th annual International Festival of Experimental Film and Video, 2003. Cockburn begs the question: "Are experimentalists still patching together the corpse of narrative, or have they left it to rot?" (Cockburn, pg 37).

ITEM 2004.110 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

DivineLesley Peters

The Train FilmsGuy Sherwin

GlintEve Heller

PistrinoNicky Hamlyn

PenumbraNicky Hamlyn

Daniel Cockburn

Masa Abu GalawaGerhard Holthuis

HierophanieMikio Okado

Attack of the ClonesFAMEFAME

Jeremy Bailey

Tasman Richardson

collage d'hollywoodRichard Kerr

All RightAleesa Cohene

Security AnthemKent Lambert

It's not my memory of it: Three Recollected DocumentsJulia Meltzer & David Thorne

InfrastructureRachel Reupke

ConundrumCane CapoVolto

The Face of EverythingDaniel Barrow