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Blasted Categories

by Ian Iqbal Rashid

Black Film Bulletin, 1994, v. 2, no. 3, pp. 8-9

South Asian diasporic identity and its classification are issues in the Desh Pardish festival, a project devoted to celebrating and articulating South Asian subjectivity's in the west through film and video art. "The festival has debunked the double-deckered myth of an authentic South Asian culture piggy backing a watered down diasporic South Asian culture. But there are other myths to debunk".

ITEM 1994.085 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Wild Woman in the Woods (1993)Shani Mootoo

Monsoon (1992)Maya Chowdry

Voices of the MourningMeena Nanji

When I Was Just a Little GirlKhaled Hakim

Latifah and Himli's Nomadic UncleAlnoot Dewshi

New View, New EyesGitanjali

Pratibha Parmar

Fatima's LetterAlia Syed

The Wonder RingStan Brakhage

Gurinder Chadha

ChameleonTanya Syed

Taxi/Vala Auto/BiographyVivek Bald

Knowing Her PlaceIndu Rrishnan