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The Spectacle of Noise: Istvan Kantor's recent video work. a selection

by A.K Nort

ArgosFestival, 2001

Brussel: Argos, 2001

In the article, A.K Nort explores noise as a primary motif in Kantor's work. Audio and visual distortions are aesthetics of Kantor's that represents the detrimental affects of technology on society. Nort remarks, "for Kantor the spectacle of noise becomes the aesthetic of scream, with excessive noise in the discourse and the discourse dissolving into noise."

Selected video works by Istvan Kantor are listed and described, including Black flag, Red flag, Accumulation, Broadcast, .com scum, Axiom/e

ITEM 2001.110 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Red FlagIstvan Kantor

Black FlagIstvan Kantor

AccumulationIstvan Kantor

BroadcastIstvan Kantor

.com scumIstvan Kantor

Axiom/eIstvan Kantor