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Consuming Passions: Feminist Video and the Home Market

by Nadine McGann

Afterimage, Summer 1988, v. 16, no. 1, pp. 14-16

"The series seeks to explore women's identities and desires, relate these to mass media's permeation of everyday life, and suggest ways in which politics speak through all aspects of that life."

The series is composed of 6 videocassettes, 70-90 min each, designed and marketed for professional women. Produced by Lyn Blumenthal and distributed by Video Data Bank. Attempting to expand the distribution of video artists by home video market, and expanding feminist consciousness. This article reviews/critiques the entire series.

ITEM 1988.092 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Doublecross (1985)Lyn Blumenthal

Mom Tapes (1972)Ilene Segalove

Suburban Queen (1985)Mindy Faber

Split (1981)Ardele Lister

Killing Time (1978)Fronza Wood

That's It Forget It (1985)Branda Miller

Modern Marriage (1979)Max Almy

The Charming Couple (1950)Willard Van Dyke

Suzanne Suzanne (1982)Camille Billops / James Hatch

A Perfect Leader (1983)Max Almy

Kathy Boudin's Story (1984)Mary McFerran

UH OH Plutonium (1984)Anne Waldman

Mitchell's Death (1978)Linda Montano

Illusions (1982)Julie Dash

Semiotics in the Kitchen (1975)Martha Rosier

Design For Dreaming (1956)M.P.O. Productions

Possibly in Michigan (1983)Cecelia Condit

Art World Wizard (1987)Caole Ann Klonarides / Michael Owens

Leaving the 20th Century (1982)Max Almy

Made for TV (1984)Ann Magnuson / Tom Rubnitz

Kiss the Girls: Make Them Cry (1979)Dara Bimbaum

Aqui en Esta Esquina (Here on this Corner) (1987)Sistema Sandinista de Television

Joan Does Dynasty (1986)Joan Braderman

My Merry Oldsmobile (1931)Fleische Studios, Inc.

Lowell Moves to New York (1983)Jill Kroesen

A Perfect Pair (1986)Valie Export

Modern Love (1979)Max Almy

Two in Twenty (1987)Laurel Chiten

Yvonne Rainer

Martha Rosler

Christine Choy

Nancy Spero

Luchare (1986)Linda Look