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The Lisa Steele Tapes: Investigation and Vision

by Catherine Russell

North of Everything: English Canadian Cinema Since 1980, 1980, pp. 430-445

University of Alberta Press, 1980

A chapter by Catherine Russell on a selection of Lisa Steele's work in three categories: "Involuntary Memory" focuses on works from 1972-1976, and explores the body as a site of memory, narrative, and its relationship to video/machine and performance. "Carving Details" focuses on works from 1975-1978, and examines the Female Avant Garde and montage. "The Performance of the other woman" looks at work from 1978-1982, that appear as "[Portraits of women] caught within an institutional authority system in which gender is constructed in specific and unequal ways". "Archival Fictions" looks at works from 1984-1992, and examines "the creative use of memory as a challenge to repression and denial".

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

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The Very Personal Story (1974)Lisa Steele

The Ballad of Dan People (1976)Lisa Steele

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Facing South (1975)Lisa Steele

Waiting for Lancelot (1977-78)Lisa Steele

Kim Tomczak

Rosalind Krauss

Dot Tuer

Ranee Baert

Walter Benjamin

Thriller (1979)Sally Potter

Riddles of the Sphinx (1977)Laura Mulvey

Riddles of the Sphinx (1977)Petter Wollen

Riddles of the Sphinx (1977)Laura Mulvey and Petter Wollen

Sifted Evidence (1982)Patricia Gruben

Joyce Wieland

Talking TonguesLisa Steele

The DamageLisa Steele

Makin' StrangeLisa Steele

The Gloria TapesLisa Steele

Woman in InfanticideLisa Steele

Some call it bad luckLisa Steele

Eroll Morris

In the DarkLisa Steele

The Blood Records: Written and AnnotatedLisa Steele

See EvilLisa Steele

Private EyesLisa Steele

White DawnLisa Steele

Working Double ShiftsLisa Steele

Marvisia Bociurkiw

Legal MemoriesLisa Steele

The Blood RecordsLisa Steele

Vera Frankel

Blurred BoundariesBill Nicholas