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Pleasure Dome Brochure: Winter 2006

by Unknown

Pleasure Dome, Winter 2006

Pleasure Dome celebrated its 17th year of exhibiting the best experimental media art around the block and around the world. Seven programs were screened.

ITEM FP.Can.001 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

James Broughton

SchizyBarbara Hammer

Su Friedrich

Jack Smith

Nathaniel Dorsky

FireworksKenneth Anger

Mike Hoolboom

wrik mead

Midi Onodera

Miracle on 34th StreetJim Jennings

SilvercupJim Jennings

Made in ChinatownJim Jennings

San CristobalJim Jennings

60 UNIT: BRUISEPaul Wong

Birthday Suit - With Scars and DefectsLisa Steele

Kim Tomczak

In the DarkSteele / Tomczak

Prime CutsPaul Wong

7 Day ActivityPaul Wong

Working the Double ShiftSteele and Tomczak

A Demonstration of the Fear of PainKim Tomczak

The Damages and Makin' StrangeLisa Steele

Star Spangled to DeathKen Jacobs

Disruptive Consciousness: a lectureCarolee Scheemann

Snip, SnipColin Campbell / Rodney Werden

Mary Brown"cutting party"