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Buying In and Selling Out: Dealing with the Forms of Broadcast Television

by Dan Walworth

3 programs; 7 videos.

"Can one take the techniques of TV news, soap opera, et cetera and adapt them for other purposes? These forms, which were developed as a way of delivering potential consumers to advertisers, carry within them selves a history of this development. And as artists invite this Trojan horse inside the (albeit crumbling) walls of Video Art, it is difficult to tell who is subverting whom."

ITEM 1987.068 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The Touch (1986)Ligorano/Reese

Meet the People (1986)Shelly Silver

Sunstroke (1984)John Gurrin

Leonard Henny - How Nations Televise Each other or Ronald Gone Dutch (1985)Paper Tiger Television

Face Fear and Fascination (1984)Tony Cokes

Passeggiate Romane (Walking through Rome) (1985)Caterina Borelli

Reggie's World of Soul (1985)Reginald Hudlin