Critical Writing Index

Documentary Reframed: Process, Politics, Aesthetic

by Maureen Latta

Saskatoon: Paved Arts, 2007

"The impulse behind Documentary Reframed: Process, Politics, Aesthetic is to explore how contemporary, independent cultural producers in Canada and abroad are testing the boundaries of documentary conventions in the post-Moore era of documentary popularity, aesthetic freedom, new technologies, and self reflexivity"

ITEM 2007.124 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Nanook of the North (1922)Robert Flaherty

ReassemblageTrinh T. Minh-ha

The Colonized Eye: Rethinking GriersonJoyce Nelson

Roger and MeMichael Moore

Fahrenheit 9/11Michael Moore

Fernando Solanas

Octavio Gentino

Hamid Naficy

Marcel Duchamp

John Heartfield

Hannah Hoch

The Atomic Cafe (1982)Kevin Rafferty

When Canadians Attack (2005)Brett Kashmere

Roland Barthes

The Creators of Shopping Worlds (2001)Harun Farocki

I Thought I was Seeing Convicts (2000)Harun Farocki

The Phantom of the Operator (2004)Caroline Martel

Mixed Signal (2005)Richard Martin

Ryan (2004)Chris Landreth

Dreams of Jagodina (2005)Nora Malone

Happy Crying Nursing Home (2004)Niklas Sven Vollmer

I have no memory of my direction (2005)Midi Onodera

Ryan Larkin

Sans Soliel (1983)Chris Marker

Window Water Baby Moving (1959)Stan Brakhage

Edward Said

Visitors of the Night (1998)An Van Dienderen

The Day When the Moon Menstruated (2004)Video in the Villages

Edward S Curtis

Takuma Kuikaro and Marice Kuikaro

Olivia's Puzzle (2001)Jason DaSilva

Comrade Dad (2005)Karin Lee

Seven Fires (2002)Jennifer Wemigwans

Continuous Journey (2004)Ali Kazimi

Sally Gaikezheyongai