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Fact Denial: Julian Samuel's "Into the European Mirror" examines Islam's contribution to European Civilization.

by Martin Siberok

Hour, Feb. 17, 1994

Showcasing Montreal videomaker & documentarian Julian Samuel; his film Into the European Mirror examines "the denial of Islam's contribution to European civilization". The second part of a trilogy looking at the construction of history and civilization in Western culture. "Being a video artist rather than a historian, Samuel's presentation is a segmented rather than a chronological look at history...Samuel contemporizes this denial by paralleling the expulsion and resistance of the Moors in 1492 with that of the Palestinians 500 years later. He also looks at the plight of political refugees in Europe, who have acquired the status of 'strangers within'."

ITEM 1994.009 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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Into the European MirrorJulian Samuel

The Raft of the Medussa: Five Voices on Colonies, Nations and HistoriesJulian Samuel