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A sublime record of a life lived to the fullest

by Jason McBride

The Festival Daily, Sept. 12, 2002

Mike Hoolboom's Tom, a film that took four years to complete, is a portrait of filmmaker and friend, Tom Chomont. Chomont is a widely known figure in the underground fringe film community, producing provactive works since the 1960s including: Love Objects and Sadistic Self. Hoolboom and Chomont have been friends since the 1980s. Loosely-based around a moment in Chomont's kitchen, Hoolboom's work incorporates parts of Hollywood films, archival footage and moments from Chomont's life. Hoolboom did not want to concentrate on Chomont's stuggles with HIV and Parkinsons, but focused on personality, both that of Tom Chomont and New York, the city where Chomont is from and where most of the filming took place.

ITEM 2002.179 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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TomMike Hoolboom

Love ObjectsTom Chomont

Sadistic SelfTom Chomont