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Video Tapes by Women 1986-1992: A Critical Review

by Katherine Szadkowski

Poolside, Summer 1992, no. 6, pp. 11-12

Article briefly discusses the video work of women artists available through Video Pool's distribution catalogue. Many of the women artists discussed began working with video as members of Women Artists in Video (WAIV), a group set up to help women with the intimidating technology of video production. The author traces developments in the artists' work from WAIV to the present.

Szadkowski approaches the history of video production by women after having viewed a number of videos by women from Video Pool's collection. She explores the different ways that women who produce video, under the aegies of Video Pool, use video as a medium to say something. The article looks at work by Diane Whitehouse, Hope Susan Peterson, Grace Martini, WAIV (Women Artist in Video), Rosalie Bellefontaine, Kris Anderson, Tanis Kyle, among others who are part of WAIV.

ITEM 1992.011 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

A Short Tape About Short PeopleDiane Whitehouse

CoatsBarbara Hunt

Can - D - ManBarbara Hunt

Selling the FlamingoHope Susan Peterson

TNT (Technology Intimidation)Grace Martini

Night Bus to FargoHope Susan Peterson

Armour for LIvingHope Susan Peterson

North of WestgateRosalie Bellefontaine

A Real Class ActKris Anderson

Labouts of LoveKris Anderson

Framing the Perfect YouTanis Kyle

Hey KidsAlethea Lahofer

Sam SuicideAlethea Lahofer

ManufracturedAlethea Lahofer

CanoraKim Oulette

A is for AppleDana Cooley

TotentanzSharon Alward