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Seized Youth

by Richard Fung

The Body Politic, Sept. 1984, no. 106, p. 39

Richard Fung reviews Framed Youth a contemporary documentary on young people in Britain. The film employs music video cutting and optical tricks, such as freezing a frame at the end of an interview portion. Fung praises the style as being a means of making the film more accessible to its audience, the music video generation, but claims the deconstructing of the frame is sometimes detrimental to an interesting story being told. Framed Youth is frequently likened to its earlier, cleaner and safer American counterpart : the Mariposa Film Collective's Word is Out. Ultimately what reveals Framed Youth as a distinctly British production is the sense of immediacy that permeates from a youth and queer culture in turmoil. At its screening at A Space, the video was seized by the Ontario Censor Board immediately after its conclusion, a gesture furthering many of the points and opinions raised in the video itself.

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