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Sundance's big risks and strange mediocrity offer hope for filmmaking

by Susan Gerhard

San Francisco Bay Guardian, Jan. 29, 1997

Susan Gerhard reviews the 1997 Sundance Festival line-up. In particular recounts the many films that were dedicated to "female bonding" listing off a plethora of films pertaining to the subject. Notable films on the topic include: Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy, Tony Vitale's Kiss Me, Guido and Out at Work by Tami Gold and Kelly Anderson. Gerhard, reflecting on a quote by B. Ruby Rich, stating "lesbians were last years Jack Russel Terrier", Gerhard discusses the many films that play on that proposed "fashion".

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Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

All Over MeSichel sisters

Slaves to the UndergroundKristine Peterson

Hide and SeekSu Friedrich

Love and Other CatastrophesEmma-Kate Croghan

Arresting GenaHannah Weyer

Chasing AmyKevin Smith

Kiss Me, GuidoTony Vitale

Out at WorkTami Gold and Kelly Anderson