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By Steve Reinke

by Steve Reinke

Possible Worlds, 2007, pp. 41-45

Norwich: Aurora, Francis House, 2007

Jim Trainor is an artist who works in film, video, comics and performance, but is best known for animation. His animations, until recently where he has incorperated colour, are created with black magic marker on white typing paper. Trainor creates represenational narratives with voice-over narrations. In this article, artist and writer Steve Reinke dicusses the "new ways of being in the world" which he believes is presented in Trainor's works. Reinke discusses indepthy in relation to this idea Trainor's works, The Moschops, The Fetishist, The Bats and 2 animations from ther series The Animals and Their Limitations: The Magic Kingdom and Harmony.

ITEM 2007.095 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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The MoschopsJim Trainor

The FetishistJim Trainor

The BatsJim Trainor

The Animals and Their LimitationsJim Trainor

The Magic KingdomJim Trainor

HarmonyJim Trainor