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The Overlooked America

by Rodrigo Alonso

Mesh 19, Oct. 2006

An overview of contemporary new media art in South America. Despite its physical size, attempts are continually made to draw connections between schools of working artists in new media. These connections are easiest to draw thematically and practically. A common cultural heritage, languages, economic standing and political environment allow these geographically diverse countries' artist output to be examined as a whole. Specifically, examining the First World's technology hype, as well as a history of corrupt leaders tend to be consistant themes in a great deal of South American Art. Likewise, there are certain practical approaches to the work that can be identified; the fields of low-tech, high tech and video-art are used as a means of grouping such a large body of work being produced currently in South America. This reflects a conscious effort put forth by scholars and artists to open the paths of communication between these countries.

ITEM 2006.124 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

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Mobile Video InterventionsFernando Llanos

Simultaneity in SimultaneityMarta Minujin

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HouseJose Carlos Martinat

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