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Babulal Bhuiya an elegant and searing testimony

by John Harkness and Cameron Bailey

NOW, June 1, 1989, v. 8, no. 38, p. 41

Summary and Review of screenings in Toronto art-house cinemas.

Manjira Datta's The Sacrifice of Babulal Bhuiya examines the dismal working conditions in India through interviews and beautifully composed images, resulting in a sense of community amongst the disenfanchised and exploited workers. The Royal Ontario Museum presents a collection of classic sixties Italian film with works by Fellini, Scola, and Monicelli. Paul Wong's Ordinary Shadows, Chinese Shade examines the colonialist perceptions that exist surrounding rural China, and attempts to surpass those. Robert Bresson's Diary of a Country Priest, depicting notions of fate, determinism and existentialist thought, shows at the Harbourfront Theatre.

ITEM 1989.083 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

The Sacrifice of Babulal BhuiyaManjira Datta

La Dolce VitaFrederico Fellini

Seduced and AbandonedPietro Germi

Dirty, Mean and UglyEttore Scola

Big Deal On Madonna StreetMario Monicelli

Ordinary Shadows, Chinese ShadePaul Wong

The Way to My Father's VillageRichard Fung

Diary of a Country PriestRobert Bresson