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Corpus: Mendel Art Gallery. Saskatoon

by Robert Enright

Canadian Art, Fall 1993, v. 10, no. 3, p. 80

Curator Bruce Grenville assembles a two-part show at the Mendel Art Gallery in Saskatoon. Entitled Corpus I and Corpus II respectively, the show presents work by artists focusing on issues surrounding the body. The division between the shows is a historical one; Corpus I features work by Canadians known as part of the post-minimalist movements in the 1970s. Corpus II, then, is an extension of many of the same themes and ideas with a more contemporary approach. The majority of the work is by female artists, exploring fragmented parts of the body, rather than the body as a whole. Thematically, Corpus I and Corpus II straddle the same ground; one merely serves as a historical precedent for the other. Citing Earle Birney, the author asserts that Canada finally has some skeletons in the closet worth seeing.

ITEM 1993.091 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

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Birthday Suit - With Scars and DefectsLisa Steele

Close KnitAgatha Dyck

Stigmata DiaboliNicole Jolicoeur

Souvenirs of The SelfJin-me Yoon