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To Be Immersed In The Experience of Now

by Earl Miller

C Magazine, Spring 2008, no. 97, pp. 26-29

This is an interview with artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard concerning their use of music and appropriated imagery. Working within the framework of music video formats, Pollard and Forsyth earlier work featured re-enactments of famous rock and roll performances. As the idea of re-enactment becomes disseminated by the media and outlets such as Myspace and Youtube, Pollard and Forsyth seem less interested in re-enactment and more in appropriation and recontextualization. Recently, they have been using early artist performance videos and forcing them into the format of music videos, such as using a rapper to re-enact Acconci's Walk Over. The Artists muse on using the frameworks of music videos rather than merely critiquing them, their favourite music videos, and the unavoidable presence of television.

ITEM 2008.011 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

Japanese DreamJane Pollard

Japanese DreamIain Forsyth

Walk With NaumanJane Pollard

Walk With NaumanIain Forsyth

A Rock 'n' Roll SuicideJane Pollard

A Rock 'n' Roll SuicideIain Forsyth

Walking After AcconciJane Pollard

Walking After AcconciIain Forsyth