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Paula Mozen Won't Pause

by Toni Hanna

Cue Magazine, Nov. 1992, pp. 8-9, 24-25

Filmmaker Paula Mozen explains her motivations for her newest video piece No Rewind, an educational film surrounding HIV and AIDS prevention with teenagers. Using an MTV editing style as well as "a lot of hip original music, dance, rap, fast cutting and effects." Influenced by the social change she saw happening in the Berkeley area as a teen, as well as being shocked by the necessity of condom use in the casual dating scene in the late 80's, Mozen was incensed by the possibility of teens having the same problems. The film consists of interviews with HIV positive teens, dramatic reenactments and peer discussions on the causes and implications of drug use, peer pressure and drugs in the context of unsafe sex. Through donations from several independant resources in the Bay Area, Mozen was able to complete the film and get a distributor for No Rewind, a film about "sex and communication...a subject that you can live with for a while"

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