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Atlas Shreds: NYC video artist Charles Atlas performs a vision incision

by Jason Anderson

EYE WEEKLY, Apr. 10, 2008, v. 17, no. 27, p. 19

Charles Atlas performs with musician Alan Licht as part of the Images Festival. Beginning since the mid 1970s, Atlas has persistantly blurred the lines between video, performance and dance with a heavy emphasis on collaboration. Diamanda Galas, Michael Clark, Marina Abromovic and The Fall are amongst his more notable partners in creating work. His most recent work focuses on live performance of manipulated video images and improvised music, a process which creates an intuitive relationship between Atlas and the musician, rather than a pre-planned one. Ultimately, Atlas' intentions seem to be inducing a dream-like state in his audience with a tendency to slip into the realm of nightmares.

ITEM 2008.027 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

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