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The World Between Subject and Object

by Sarah Murphy

CSIF Film Video Journal, Summer 1983, v. 1, no. 1, p. 7

Review of Technologically Native: A Narrative Document by Leila Sujir and Douglas Berquist. Reviewer Sarah Murphy likens the film as a manifestation of the desire to know what other people are saying, the desire to explore language we do not understand or are not invited to. Language itself is presented as a complex network of signs and systems, and Technologically Native is an examination of the implications of living in that complex network. The film follows two characters serving as symbols of scientific scrutiny of the written word (played by Marcella Bienvenue) and a reliance on definitions, which eventually fail (Murdoch Burnett). Ultimately, Murphy praises the films extractions and examinations on structure, dialogue and language - so much so that the review is written in equally as playful an approach.

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