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Consolidation and Resistance:: Video in Toronto, An Overview

by Elke Town

Canadian Video Art, 1985, p. 15

S.N, 1985

This overview catalogues the history of video art in Toronto. Town sets the stage for Toronto video artists with a discussion of the city as the favoured city of European immigrants who chose English as their new language beginning in the 1950s. She discusses censorship and the consolidation of various artist run centres and galleries throughout the city.

ITEM 1985.076 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

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New YorkRodney Werden

Vera Frenkel

General Idea

Noel Harding

Tom Sherman

Jane Wright

Lisa Steele

Modern LoveColin Campbell

Bad GirlColin Campbell

Television by ArtistsJohn Watt

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