Critical Writing Index

So You Want to Make Social Change...

by Nora Gardner

Splice Magazine, Spring 2008, pp. 14-17

Festival 50.104 panelists discuss the challenges and successes of working within cross-cultural and transcultural collaborations. Works deal with cultural identity and create an opportunity to engage in dialogue that can make a beneficial change. 21 at the Dunlop contains work that looks at identity of non-dominant individuals/group within their own cultures and within a wider post-colonial and dominant culture.

ITEM 2008.039 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

BBQ MuslimsZarqa Nawaz

Little Mosque on the PrairieZarqa Nawaz

untitled part 3B: (As if) beauty never ends...Jayce Salloum

untitled part 4: terra (in)cognitaJayce Salloum

Elwood Jimmy

Slingshot Hip HopJackie Salloum

Miss CanadianaCamille Turner

A Moment of ClarityGabriel Yahyahkeekoot

Mother-Daughter: Together But SeparateDivya Mehra

treatycardCheryl L'Hirondelle

Poundmaker's GardenSandra Semchuk

Poundmaker's GardenJames Nicholas

Nancy's StoryCamille Turner

Digital Storytelling ProjectsCamille Turner

Digital Storytelling ProjectsJennifer LaFontaine

Race Is a Four Letter WordSobaz Benjamin

The Taxi DriverDivya Mehra

Scott B-BallScott Collegiate

MayasitiwGabriel Yahyahkeekoot