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Text in photography provices a thought-provoking exhibit

by Elizabeth Godley

Vancouver Sun, Mar. 24 Spring, 1988

Eye of the Mind/Mind of the Eye, a Vancouver exhibit of works by ten Canadian and American photographers, examines the issue and place of text in photography. Through their diverse approaches to this debate, photographers such as Joyan Saunders and Jeff Wolin attempt to address the question: 'does text have any place in photography?' Whether represented in the form of captions, handwritten prose or essays, the presence of text in the works encourages the viewer to contemplate the interplay between image and word and their effect on each other and the work as a whole, both within the galllery setting and beyond.

ITEM 1988.100 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

DrowningJoyan Saunders

Police DaysJeff Wolin

April Hickox

Marion Penner Bancroft

Bob Sherrin

David Arnold

Cheryl Sourkes

Lisa Bloomfield