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Video as Art

by Eric Cameron

Video Circuits: An Exhibition of Videotape as Art, 1974, pp. 2-11

Guelph: S.N., 1974

Cameron discusses the relationship between video art and performance art, asking whether a video of a performance piece constitutes video art (or even art at all). He briefly discusses several artists who blur the boundaries between video and performance art practices.

ITEM 1974.005 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

T.V. Bra for Living SculptureNam June Paik

Golden VoyageWoody Vasulka

Land ArtGerry Schum

Sound BarriersVito Acconci

CentersVito Acconci

Tape RemovalPat Kelly

CatchPat Kelly

Length 4Gerald Ferguson

Standard CorpusGerald Ferguson

Thigh WavesRichard Jarden

Double VisionPeter Campus

Peter Campus

Three TransitionsPeter Campus

InterfaceBruce Nauman

Live Taped Video CorridorDan Graham

T.V. Camera/Monitor PerformanceHarold Pearse

133 Days in HalifaxAlbert McNamara

SmileColin Campbell

SmileColin Campbell

Sackville I'm YoursColin Campbell