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Videos d'Ecosse: Video From Scotland

by Nikki Forrest

Videos d'Ecosse, 1998

Montreal: articule, 1998

Nikki Forrest draws similarities between Scotland and Quebec as occupying the position of the "other" in comparistion to the more powerful cultural entities of England and the rest of Canada, respectively. The idea of a progam of video from Scotland is about how videos produced in a particular place and historical moment, might distinguish themselves from other types of production. Contemporary art and culture is thriving in Scotland and the works in Videos D'Ecosse represent a cross section of what is being produced there.

ITEM 1998.098 – available for viewing in the Research Centre

Videos, Artworks and Artists Cited

StreetHolger Mohaupt

Tallow, Gelatin and SemenHolger Mohaupt

Kilmany BlueHolger Mohaupt

FallHolger Mohaupt

DriverAnne-Marie Copestake

HidingAnne-Marie Copestake

UntitledKaren Dickson

JetsamAlan Currall

SulkyAlan Currall

UntitledClara Ursitti

A short film about (pigeon) loveMichelle Lazemby

Eagle EyeMandy McIntosh

Donkey SkinMandy McIntosh